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iKONicCON 2024

iKONicCON 2024

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iKONicCON, a premier fan convention dedicated to celebrating iKONic, seamlessly blends the worlds of music and gaming through its dynamic iKONic Gaming segment. This specialized area offers attendees an immersive experience, featuring gaming tournaments, fan challenges, and exclusive game content, all with a unique iKON twist. Fans can participate in interactive booths showcasing the latest gaming technologies, engage in collaborative gaming experiences with fellow iKONIC Gaming Members, and even have the chance to game alongside iKONic members themselves. With meet-and-greet sessions with professional gamers and influencers, as well as panels where iKONic members share their gaming passions, iKONic Gaming fosters a vibrant community atmosphere. Exclusive merchandise and exciting giveaways further enhance the experience, making iKONicCON a must-attend event for fans who love both music and gaming.

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